What can I do?

Every little action you make to support the cause of Valbona and the other rivers of Albania, can have a drastic impact on the community, developers and decision makers. Here are some suggestions that will enable YOU to become a significant supporter of the cause:

  • Photocopy and share this information with your friends.
  • Follow us on the web at pofletvalbona.org and toka-albania.org, as well as on social networks.
  • There is a petition on www.toka-albania.org which you can sign and share with your friends.
  • Vote" with your wallet. Learn more about investors and refuse to support the businesses they own.
  • Tell the elected representatives how you feel. Believe it or not, they should represent your interests and they worry if many people say they will not vote form them if they support the hydropower plants.
  • Sign the petition:Save Valbona